New domain, new shop, new stuff!

New domain, new shop, new stuff!

Well I'm finally stumbling into the opening of this new website. After I discovered that my other website provider was possibly the worst ever in terms of SEO, I had had enough. I quit being a cheapskate and started putting this site together. Then I had to go out of town for a few days. Then my computer wouldn't start and had to go into the shop for repairs. Then the car was making a funny noise and had to go into the shop for repairs. I'm typing this on an older and much slower computer while my beloved rig is still in the shop. I can't work on my surface patterns or other graphic elements that I'd like to use on this site, but I think I've got all the basic functions in working order.

Welcome to the new MadTropic.

I decided to bring my old shop's blog "The Beach" over to this site because, why not? I like the name. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with my old websites other than just redirecting visitors here, but for now, I'm focused on adding new T-shirts, apparel, housewares, art, and beachy stuff of all sorts. So let's take this new site out for a spin to see what it can do.

Keep watching The Beach to see what new stuff washes up on shore, and feel free to drop in anytime. It's always warm & cool in The Mad Tropic.

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